Deceased May 24, 2018 at San Antonio, Texas

This series of photographs with his comments was furnished by Marvin Cook whose career included time in Radio Operations at the Mead, Wahoo and Elkhorn sites which were part of the 30th Communications Squadron, Offutt AFB, Omaha, NE. Included is material about his time with the USAFSS in Vietnam.

This is a picture of me taken en-route from Keesler back to 30th Comm in March 1950. Sitting on the steps of my old school building in Clinton, SC.

Picture of Marvin and Phyllis Cook Jan 1, 1951 while I was stationed at Mead.

Here is a picture of James T. Cauble. He was NCOIC Radio Operations at Mead and Elkhorn.

This is a picture of MSgt Robert Stevens. A few publications back listed him as passing away a couple of years ago. He had something to do with radio repair.

Bottom (bat boy)

First row L to R, Marvin Cook - 3b, Huck Herring - pitcher, MSgt 1st Sgt Lawrence Phillips - 1b

2nd row L to R, Lou Labracio - Catcher, Melvin G. Jones - LF, James T. Cauble (NCOIC Operations) - CF, William A. Leatherwood - 2b

3rd row L to R, Venice Bar - bartender - can't remember this one's name, Riley - owner Venice Bar, Doc Kearney - our medic

Top row 2nd from left, Frank Plochan - SS. I can't remember the rest of them.

When we played on base, we were Det. 30th Comm. Off base we were Venice Bar. Picture taken right after we won the annual Invitational Tournament. Won 75 Dollars, not much but quite a bit in those days. We didn't lose a game thru the whole Tournament and the 75 dollars was spent on beer at the Venice Bar.

Here is a photo of our Basketball team in either 1953 or 54. Not sure which ... from left to right bottom line, Marvin Cook, Zemke, Luther Gass. Top row L to R, Don Hood. Can't recall names of other two. By the way, this was right before we played 30th Comm. We won by 14 pts.

Marvin Cook (November 2005) recalls MSgt Phillips, the First Sergeant at Mead, Ne. when he first went there and how nice Sgt Phillips and his wife were when Marvin got married in 1951. He understands that Sgt Phillips died in Florida, his home of record some time back.

Marvin also recalls that Sgt Phillips played first base on the Elkhorn, Ne. softball team while he, Marvin, played 3rd base. Huck Herring was the pitcher and Bill Leatherwood the 2nd baseman. Huck Herring is known to have been named to the Nebraska Softball Hall of Fame.

(Update November 2006) This is a picture of our softball pitcher. There is a long history behind him. He passed away there at Offutt AFB sometime in the early eighties. His real name was Robert W. Herring. He got his nick-name (Huck) from an incident in the Philippines when he was traveling from Guam to Clark Air Base to pitch in the Pacific Softball finals. A real bad storm came up between Manila and Clark Air Base and he wound up living with the Communist Hucks for a few days. He continued the trip to Clark and won the Pacific Softball Championship. Everybody knew him as Huck from that time forward.

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